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Glass Aroma Diffuser by Be Enlightened Large Luxury


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Be Enlightened Glass Diffuser

NEW! Luxury

Glass Aroma Diffuser is designed to create a long-lasting fragrance. This slim and lightweight machine, with its elegant and simple technology, will create an ambient and fragrant haven.

* Our ultrasonic aroma diffuser is designed to create a long-lasting triple scented fragrance.

* The stunning glass design and LED coloured light system will create the perfect ambience.

* Simple to use - Add 300ml of water and a 6-10 drops of Be Enlightened fragrant and essential oils.

* Light button - This feature lets you change the colour of the lED lights emitted by the unit, in three levels: Cycle Colours/lock Colour/Off.

* Mist button - This feature turns on the mist function of the unit, in three levels: Continuous.Intermittent (15secs on, 15 secs off)/Off.

Care Instructions:

Glass Diffuser: Do not fill over the 300ml line. Clean regularly, if not using the machine simply tip the water and fragrance out or into a container to avoid wastage and wipe out the machine with a damp cloth and leave to air.
Never place it underwater. Keep product away from heat sources.

Country of Origin: AUSTRALIA

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Unwanted Smoke:

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