How to...

Discover the very best in candle care, and how to create the perfect burn!

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Trim Your Wick

Use our handy Wick Trimmer to keep your wick neat and tidy.Trim your wick to 3-5mm before each burn.


Allow the Wax to Pool

Let the top layer of wax liquefy and pool to the edges to avoid tunnelling.Wonder how long this should take? We recommend, that for every 1cm in diameter, you burn for 30 minutes - so a Large Jar Candle would be 4 hours.


Protect Your Surfaces

Use our decorative Candle Shades and Trays to prevent heat damage to your surfaces and encourage an even burn.Use with our Small, Medium and Large Jar Candles.


Know when to Say Goodbye

We never like to see the end of our favourite fragrance, but once there is solid candle wax 1cm from the bottom; it's officially finished.Time to choose another favourite to burn. Scrape out the remainder of the wax to use in a wax burner.


Keep Clear of the Breeze

Wind and breezes from fans, windows, door and open spaces will cause your candle to burn differently. Some common problems include tunneling, black smoke and decreased candle life.


Don't Clock Off

We like our candles to go on forever, but be sure not to burn them for more than 2 hours at a time. You will run the risk of overheating the glass which can cause breakage.

Candle Safety Instructions

  • Place your candle on the candle lid or on a stable heat-resistant surface before burning.

  • Never burn your candle on or near anything that could catch fire. Keep away from drafts, water & moisture.

  • Always keep both wicks centered in the middle of the candle. Do not allow them to float to the sides of the glass as this could lead to the glass overheating.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Ensure candle is completely extinguished before leaving the room.

  • Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets.

  • Do not burn your candle for more than 2 hours at a time.

  • Do not allow your candle to burn to the very base of the glass. Cease burning when there is 10mm of solid wax left at the base of the candle.

  • Do not touch your burning candle or move it when the wax is liquid.

Candle Care Instructions

  • Always ensure your candles wicks are trimmed to 5mm before each burn.

  • When you first burn your candle, allow the wax to pool evenly to the edge of the glass. This will ensure an even burn and maximum fragrance delivery every time you use your candle.

  • Store your candle in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

  • When the candle can no longer be burned, remove the residue wax by placing the glass in hot water. This will soften and lift the remaining wax. Your glass and its lid can now be used for a multitude of purposes in your home.